Peace of Mind for
First-Time Buyers in Puerto Rico

Crisp seas, glimmering white sands and sunshine. Mix in loads of luxury, a lively Caribbean culture and the peace of mind that comes from simple real estate transactions and call it Puerto Rican paradise.

Puerto Rico provides an idyllic setting for the beachfront home or investment property of your dreams. First time buyers in this tropical oasis are always pleased with how easy it is to purchase and transition to a new home and a new way of life.

An Easy Transition

Buying the perfect ocean view home, condo, or investment property abroad has never been easier. As a commonwealth, Puerto Rico is linked to the United States with shared citizenship, currency, language and defense. Nearly all the same regulations apply. Although Spanish is most frequently spoken, English is widely spoken as well.

Traveling to and from Puerto Rico is effortless. Direct flights from the U.S. make the trip quick, and U.S. citizens do not need a passport. With average day and nighttime temps ranging between the mid-80’s and mid-60’s, you needn’t over pack. You can leave the bulky coats and sweaters behind.

Additionally, if you land in this charmingly tropical island realizing you’ve forgotten something, there are plenty of retailers waiting to help. Big-box and department stores are conveniently located, while gyms, entertainment and cultural venues, schools, universities and public transportation are all available.

Now’s the Time

Now is a great time to consider buying in Puerto Rico. Because the local property market has been in a downturn, real estate prices aren’t as expensive as they were a decade or so ago. Also, a series of new tax breaks makes investing in property here extremely attractive.

It's definitely a buyer's market. Snagging the ocean view vacation home or beachfront condo of your dreams at a bargain price means luxury living for less.


With no restrictions on Americans purchasing property in this tropical paradise, transactions are simple, handled by notaries who are licensed lawyers. Closing fees, which include the notarial fee and a stamp duty, are reflective of the purchase price of the property.

Property demand in Puerto Rico is strong thanks to Act 22, the tax incentive initiative passed in 2012 designed to attract investors. Home owners are now shielded from a substantial portion of federal income tax, making Puerto Rico a great tax shelter for American buyers. With a minimum of 183 days of annual residence, you’ll pay less in taxes on interests, capital gains and dividends.

Make a Wise First-time Buying Choice Today!

Tax breaks, flexible financing and few immigration issues make beautiful Puerto Rico a wise decision for first-time buyers. All you need is an experienced, reputable, certified real estate agent. Send me an email at, or give me a call at 787-378-4880 today!